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In a digitally connected world, our virtual assistance services are at the forefront of business processes. We are constantly innovating and streamlining our systems and processes to achieve maximum efficiency.

All forward thinking business owners can take advantage of using our administrative and virtual assistance service managed by a well educated team. We are dedicated in achieving the specific goals of our clients. We aim to provide you all the needed resources to simplify your tasks and move you forward.

We can manage your admin needs and stick around to provide results. Our Project Managers are in constant contact with the virtual assistants and when we encounter bottlenecks, we do everything we can to fix the issue. The team of virtual assistants who work for us is like family.

A virtual assistant can provide you various administrative services that can include all that you would usually receive from an in-house administrative assistant, and a whole lot more in most times. By using a virtual assistant you can eliminate some costly business expenses, saving money and time.

A virtual assistant can handle all of the tasks you do not have the time to do or you’ve either been procrastinating doing. If you feel you bogged down by some administrative tasks that prevent you from performing more money generating tasks, then a virtual assistant can be the perfect solution.

Our administrative and virtual assistance services can help you save time and lessen frustration by easily outsourcing your work. We provide a complete offering of business, administrative and secretarial support services.

Virtual Assistance Solutions

Start taking control of you time. Delegate all tedious tasks to us

Our administrative and virtual assistance services include:

  • Contact Management
  • Email Management 
  • Spreadsheets
  • Word Docs
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Proofing / Editing
  • Social Media Management
  • Internet Research
  • Documentation
  • Transcription
  • Data Entry
  • Calendar Management
  • Reports
  • Content Tasks
  • Video Edits
  • Basic Photoshop
  • Profile Setups
  • Monitoring Tasks
  • Blog Setup
  • SEO related tasks
  • Anything really... 🙂

A Place Where Your Dollar is Truly Powerful

All our virtual assistants are from the Philippines, as outsourcing from this country offers many advantages. The combination of Western cultural acceptance, native English proficiency and widespread educational opportunities makes the Philippines an attractive prospect as an outsourcing destination compared to other regions in the world.

Virtual Assistance Solutions

Start taking control of you time. Delegate all tedious tasks to us

Filipinos make great virtual assistants and support teams that suit Western-based companies and entrepreneurs well. Companies of all sizes and shapes have been benefiting for years from outsourcing to their virtual assistants. Here are the top benefits:

1. Cost

This is the number one reason why companies outsource some of their operations. Since in the Philippines the cost of living is much lower, the cost of labor is also typically much lower than is in developed countries, and you do not have to pay for office space, equipment, computers, taxes, legal costs or HR. But really the main factor is the exchange rate - multiply the power of your dollar by more than 50 times.

2. Flexibility

You can enjoy a virtual assistance team by outsourcing, including diversified talents spanning a range of tasks, from research, data entry, desk support, marketing and sales, customer support, to attending to personal matters. Our team of virtual assistance in the Philippines provides you with diversified skills.

3. Greater Access to Top Talent

Since English is largely spoken in the Philippines, it is easy to get access to great talents. Also, people are really competitive here.

4. Improved Services

By using our virtual assistants from the Philippines you can improve the quality of service both received and provided by your business. For instance, you can provide service 24/7 by having an offshore customer service team.

5. Reduce Legal Liability

There are many top level executives and companies in developed countries who have to deal with lawsuits from their in-house staff. When outsourcing, however, your company does not have to face any legal risk.

6. Reduced Benefits and Healthcare Costs

By using the services of our virtual assistants from the Philippines you will not be responsible for providing taxes, benefits, health insurance, and other expenses.

7. Language Neutrality 

Alongside Filipino, in the Philippine English is an official language. Our Filipino virtual assistants are able to provide you exceptional support, as they have strong English proficiency. They can manage well any channel, whether requiring written or verbal communications. Some of our Filipino virtual assistants have also developed a neutral accent.

8. Strong Education System 

Our Filipino virtual assistance team is made up of highly skilled professionals, able to handle any specialized tasks you need accomplished. The Philippines has a strong education system and classes are typically taught in English.

9. Younger Demographic

In the Philippine, the average age is just 23 years old. You can take advantage of using a young demographic well accustomed with technology.

10. Cultural Influences

In the Philippines you can meet a combination of Western influences and Southeast Asian influences.

11. Data Privacy Act 

The Philippines’ 2012 Data Privacy Act of 2012 brought country’s policies at the same level as the international security standards. 

By using the administrative and virtual assistance services provided by our agency, your company can take advantage of the many benefits of outsourcing including availability of better talent, cost reduction, reduced exposure to lawsuits, and greater flexibility.

Hiring our agency can fuel the growth of your company for the years to come, being one of the most rewarding decisions you can take.

When you need external administrative support for your business, you need a virtual assistant who comes with a specific set of skills that not just anyone can provide.

At our agency, we have a team of highly trained, specialized support assistants who can make a real difference in meeting the unique challenges of your business and serving the needs of your clients. Our virtual assistants can save you thousands of dollars each year.

Virtual Assistance Solutions

Start taking control of you time. Delegate all tedious tasks to us