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My Name is Del. I'm an online professional who helps businesses and brands achieve their specific goals using the most effective Internet marketing solutions.

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SEO & Digital Marketing Professional

I dance with the web for a living and mostly dwell on the cloud. I enjoy jobs related to SEO, WordPress, social media, content writing, paid traffic, content marketing, reputation management, email marketing, market research, affiliate marketing, link building and everything in between.

I am definitely an optimistic online entrepreneur with a millionaire mindset while I remain a student who adapts to the ever changing market conditions. I continuously seek what truly works both in SEO and Internet marketing as a whole.

  • You can throw unlimited questions
  • I can create strategies/action plans for your marketing projects​
  • I can analyze/audit your existing campaign
  • I can train/manage your staff


Website: axific.com

Location: a place where your dollar is truly powerful

Age: middle age

Experience: since 2010

Education: Bachelor's Degree

Availability: Anytime


I'm not gonna blabber about me being a master, expert, guru, ninja, and all those stuff because trust me, with all those years I've spent in this industry, nobody ever really is... at least all the time.  This is a dynamic industry with numerous variables based on educated guess! 

But if your so called EXPERT doesn't know half what I can offer, START DOING THE MATH.

Uhm, Well you can call me a marketing professional, if a title is required. 🙂

I Can Help With:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization and Local SEO

Campaign Management

Audits, Planning, Strategy, Implementation, Quality Check, Analytics

Industry Tools & Resources

Standard and underground digital marketing tools, strategies and resources

WordPress Websites

Basic to Intermediate - Continuously improving  skills on this aspect

Social Media Marketing

Social media promotions and optimization

Analytics & Conversion

Top solutions to highlight results

Paid Traffic / Cost Per Click

Google & Youtube Ads + Social Media Ads (Facebook & Instagram)

Team Management

Trainings, Productivity, Project Management, Delegation, Strategies

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