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Ahrefs Review: The All-around SEO Toolset for Your Campaigns

Ahrefs Tool Review

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Great content equates to great ranking. And yes, the amount of people who share the content is part of the overall equation, too.

Picture this, when you do an online search, only 10 results show up on the first page. Sometimes, it’s less than that. Some say that only 10% of the people go beyond the first page. Imagine that the content in which you’ve put a lot of effort on appears on the second page of an online search. An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) software can help you with that!

Ahrefs: An overview  

Ahrefs is a valuable SaaS (Software as a service) toolset that lets you expand your SEO efforts by helping you pick the right content topics strategically and have your content be discovered by people and sites who will potentially share it. Not only that, Ahrefs is also capable in giving you data and tracking your SEO endeavors such as position tracking, keyword research, backlink analysis, technical SEO, on-page optimization, content planning, link building, and organic traffic analysis.

Among the other SEO tools, Ahrefs is a standout when it comes to backlinks database. This is because of its immense web crawling setup. Web crawling refers to the automated program that browses the World Wide Web to accumulate up-to-date data. This allows the discovery of all the backlinks and mentions all over the web.

The Ahrefs toolset 

As aforementioned, Ahrefs is not a tool. It’s a toolset. It’s made to cater an SEO practitioner’s needs beginning from the basics down to the complex ones. When logged in, on the navigation bar located at the top is where your options are. Here’s a look of the tools that this astounding software has:


What it is for:

Notification of new and lost backlinks, web mentions and keywords rankings

What it does:

Alerts is a tool that helps in monitoring your site’s and competitors’ link building activities and web mentions of brand. Alerts are sent through email whenever new keywords rank, an online mention of your site is performed or when a website gains or loses backlinks.

Site Explorer

What it is for:

In-depth look at the organic search traffic and backlink profile of any website or URL

What it does:

Site Explorer lets you analyze the link profile of any website or URL. This feature has three powerful SEO tools: the Organic traffic research which is used to see what keywords your competitors rank for and which pages bring the most traffic from search, the Backlink checker for knowing which sites link to competitors and which give quality to their backlink profile, and the Paid traffic research that allows you to know if your competitors are paying for search advertisements.

Content Explorer

What it is for:

Discovery of the most prominent and shared content on the web for any topic (by backlinks, organic traffic and social shares)

What it does:

Content Explorer uses advanced filters to give you a list of the most popular articles when you type in any keyword or website. This list relies on social shares, organic search traffic, and referring domains. Results therein deliver ideas for you to know what content topics could potentially drive traffic to your website.

Keywords Explorer

What it is for:

Finding thousands of great and relevant keywords to conceivably rank for

What it does:

Keyword Explorer provides definite search volume data, keyword difficulty scores, calculated traffic potential, and other advanced metrics in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) overview report.

Rank Tracker

​What it is for: 

Monitoring of rankings

What it does:

Rank Tracker tracks Google rankings of your site and your competitors’ over time whether it may be on desktop or mobile across 170 countries. Included on what this tool records are SEO progress, important keywords, organic traffic estimates, SERP features, and visibility.

Site Audit

What it is for:

Analysis of your website’s on-page SEO performance and progress

What it does:

Site Audit lets you take a look whether your on-page SEO efforts are paying off. It allows you discover heaps of technical and on-page SEO issues to know what area/s you should be paying attention to have your website rank higher and effectively. This is made possible because this tool sends web crawlers to all the pages that can be found on your website to give you an overall SEO health score, charts, comprehensive overview of possible SEO issues and recommends you suggestions on how you could fix them.

Domain Comparison

What it is for:

Backlink profile comparison of up to 5 different domains

What it does:

Domain comparison gives reports of which backlink profile is the strongest among your site and your competitors’. With this, you can easily identify where to step up your game.

Link Intersect

What it is for:

Discovery of the sites that link to your competitors but not to you

What it does:

Link Intersect is a strong tool that enables you to find high quality link prospects. This particular tool has the ability to find all the websites that link to your competitors multiple times.

Batch Analysis

What it is for:

Uploading and analysis of up to 200 domains or specific URLs

What it does:

Batch Analysis generates a report with the SEO metrics you need, whether it may be with Ahrefs rank, domain rating, number of referring domains, number of backlinks, social metrics and many more.

The features of Ahrefs

Ahrefs parades its ability to be the all-in-one software that meets the needs of any SEO practitioner. With its broad database and extensive feature set, Ahrefs is widely and highly respected for its stellar performance in providing backlinks data and its outstanding content explorer. It even is believed to be the most powerful SEO web crawler.

Now you might wonder, why are backlinks so important in SEO? Backlinks, defined as the links that point to your website, are considered the building blocks of SEO. The amount of backlinks a website has specify the importance or demand for the website.

The number and quality of links that direct to your website are what Google and search engines consider when deciding on your relevance in displaying search results when someone does an online query. With that being said, backlinks play a heavy role in SEO and sure enough, they are something worth keeping an eye out. Ahrefs does a good job with that.

Aside from this leading feature, users delight in this software’s content explorer tool, too. What this tool does is it provides you the opportunity to find the most relevant information on articles for any keyword. It also gives you a comprehensive social share information.

Not only that, Ahrefs also features instant and comprehensive detection of keyword mentions, keyword database with clickstream data, PPC (pay-per-click) text ads database, chat support, and a tool to know your domain rank to take a look on your site’s position in relation to another site based on backlink quality.

Plans and Pricing

As previously stated, Ahrefs is a SaaS which means it’s a web-based software so you wouldn’t have to install it to make it work. This software doesn’t come with a free version or plan. To get access, you would need to sign up and avail for a subscription which you can choose from the following:

Lite plan

Price for monthly billing: $99

Price for annual billing: $990/year ($82/month, save $198/year)

What you get: Gives you one user login, five campaigns (number of sites you can track in the Ahrefs dashboard), 300 tracked keywords per week, 25 domain crawls per day in the Site Explorer tool, and three searches in the Keyword Explorer per day. If you opt for the annual billing, you get two months free.

Standard plan

Price for monthly billing: $179

Price for annual billing: $1,790/year ($149/month, save $358/year)

What you get: Gives you one user login, 10 campaigns, 1,000 tracked keywords updated every three days instead of weekly, 100 domains per day, and 50 keyword searches per day. If you opt for the annual billing, you get two months free.

Advanced plan

Price for monthly billing: $399

Price for annual billing: $3,990/year ($332/month, save $798/year)

What you get: Gives you three user logins, 25 campaigns, daily updates on up to 4,000 tracked keywords, 200 keyword searches per day, expanded access to the backlinks and rankings indexes and mobile ranking. If you opt for the annual billing, you get two months free.

Agency plan

Price for monthly billing: $999

Price for annual billing: $9,990/year ($832/month, save $1,998/year)

What you get: Gives you five user logins, real-time web mention tracking, hourly backlink reports, and higher quotas on every Site Explorer, Content Explorer, and Keyword Explorer mention. If you opt for the annual billing, you get two months free.

The Overall Pros

Ahrefs has its strengths that can help you find your business site’s strengths, too. Here are the benefits in using this powerful toolset. The assets are numerous but here are some:

  • Easy-to-use, comprehensive, and straightforward toolset aimed to make your content more visible
  • Suitable for both on-page and off-page SEO
  • Go-to toolset if you want to boost your site within 2 to 3 months because it allows you to see the keywords your competitors target and incorporate those to yours
  • Gives you an overview of your ranking, backlinks, and organic traffic
  • Has vast index that allows you to have access to backlink information even from lesser-known sites
  • Helps with knowing what keywords are helpful for your website and what keywords drive organic traffic
  • Guides in tracking keywords and backlinks for your specific niche
  • Informs and lets you analyze your competitors and the state of competition so you can know what and where to improve and develop
  • Aids in attracting the right traffic and making target audience find you
  • Lets you analyze the keywords you presently use to gain new ideas for articles which can result to more traffic and sales
  • Assists small and starting businesses in their SEO efforts especially when it comes to keyword exploration
  • Shows graphs to depict overall trends for linking domains or pages
  • After auditing, needed changes in site are suggested

The Overall Cons

It would be unfair if you wouldn’t be informed about what you could potentially consider as a downside. Just like any other tool that’s available out there, Ahrefs also has its own cons:

  • Price may be steep for some especially for solo practitioners

  • For beginners, interface may require some acclimation

  • Occasional inaccuracies in keyword volume

  • For small and starting businesses, data on niche keywords may be limited

  • Takes time in analyzing full site

  • Depending on your needs and type of usage, tools other than Ahrefs may appear more suitable and enough for you

Overall performance

You are guaranteed to get what you pay for. Although there are minor disadvantages, the amount of benefits you get surely outnumber those. Ahrefs is committed to provide quality data regarding what you may need information with, whether it may be for keywords, backlinks, or your competitors.

With Ahrefs, you are better equipped with the right SEO strategies. If you’re someone who’s seriously dedicated about having your content have a place at the top of search results, this toolset is for you. It lets you save time in figuring out what your next move is in your SEO work without compromising the quality of service you deserve. Less energy consumed, but more power for your SEO game.

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