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About AxiFic

SEO and Digital Marketing SpecialistWe’ve been there… As marketers, as freelancers, as customers… And we have seen that at the center of online marketing is OUTSOURCING.

Outsourcing can be a powerful move to achieve profitability – when used efficiently. In all our years in the Internet, we see marketers and businesses fail because they lack the proper approach when it comes to delegation. We saw that the goals are realized if they are based on ACTIONABLE and SPECIFIC processes.

In short, it is the exact HOW TO DO of a certain process and not just the WHAT TO DO. 

AxiFic aims to share actionable and specific strategies which reduce all complexities into common sense – So you can just delegate and focus on more important aspects of your business.

Our solutions evolved around proper management of Internet marketing solutions, effective delegation and constant improvement. Our SEO and Online marketing blueprints are based on strategies that successful brands use – influenced by various results and testing.

We are an enterprise level team connected with industry experts –  but the good thing is that we can help you with achieve your goals without breaking the bank.

About the Team

Project Manager and Outsourcing SpecialistAxiFic is a group of bubbly and skilled individuals who are passionate about helping local businesses, brands, and Internet entrepreneurs achieve their specific goals. With over 7 years of Internet marketing experience, we have witnessed the changing online marketing scene and have successfully adapted to it.

And unlike the others, the so called experts in this field, we do not claim unrealistic results because it’s up for you to find out. That said, what we mean is that we will make sure you are on the loop, well informed and aware of where your money is actually being spent.

This is the type of team who would like to work closely with clients and as much as possible establish real trust and confidence.

We Feel You

We perfectly understand that as business owners, the only two things that ultimately matter to you is:

(1) how much you have to spend and

(2) how much you can gain from something

We would like to make sure that we become valuable assets to your business by sharing with your pain points, challenges, SPECIFIC GOALS, and even your down moments. We establish a mind-set that our existence actually depends on your satisfaction.

We generally offer cheaper services since our members are from different time zones (Asia) and so you can take advantage of the currency rates while enjoying the same Enterprise-level of digital marketing.

We Want to Help You

We can provide services for you, we can create strategies for you, we can answer unlimited questions, and we can train your staff.

We want to make sure that even after our working relationship, our legacy lives on by not holding back, making you understand what is actually going on and how it works.

We are the Right Team for you

Our combined experience has definitively led us to understand the entire digital marketing scene. So while others promise you rankings, traffic, online presence, and all those sweet results without clarity, we simply promise to help you achieve your specific goals… which ultimate translates to your business growth and how you can actually profit from Internet initiatives – others forget about these most crucial factors.

We are also up to date with latest industry standard strategies that successful brands actually use. You will know this yourself. As mentioned, you will always be on the loop about what’s happening.

We offer satisfaction guarantee based on our clear goals and understanding.

We Go Beyond Business

Finally, we really want to be friends with you. 🙂 Life isn’t really about money all the time. It’s about relationships and happiness from making other people happy. So as weird as this will sound, let’s make the world a better place. 🙂

Our Story

AxiFic Team - Online Marketing and SEO professionals

It was during the height of global economic recession when several individuals sought refuge in what is going to be called one of the most profitable gold mines of all time – the Internet.

Traditional employment was just too much of a hassle at the time with all the economic issues, skills mismatch, and competition.

It was 2010. It started in a studio apartment with a couple trying to make the difference in their lives saw what the online market has to offer. Then several goals are established which include professional development, promote cheaper digital marketing solutions for local businesses in the US, master the ropes about online marketing and effectively apply them.

We ended up going with the flow during the black hat era of Search Engine Optimization until we learned to adapt to the new age of actually focusing on providing real value and establishing long term profitable assets on the web.

Currently, the team is made up of unique individuals with big ideas to innovate things, big heart to see them through, the necessary skills to make it happen, and the experience to minimize trial and error.

Being able to serve hundreds of clients to date, we were also able to go beyond the idea that marketing online is mostly about Google. When in fact, Google is just one of the channels to establish web presence… Our team now focuses on the entire digital marketing process, identifying which channel and strategy is right for your business or offer.

From simple administrative and virtual assistance tasks to fully customized digital marketing process, we would be more than willing to serve you.

The amazing thing is that all these can be enjoyed even by clients that are on a shoestring budget.

Why Choose Us?

We Listen

Our solutions depend entirely on your specific needs. We implement effective communication and make sure to meet your expectations by listening and implementing based on your current situation.

We Solve

Problems are just stepping stones and there is no such thing as failure. It is just a matter of how you solve each and every difficulty that comes your way. This is our attitude towards work.

We Excel

We believe that overdelivery is the key to doing better business. We always aim to exceed expectations and always hungry for better ways of doing things. We are super competitive in a friendly manner.

We Empathize

Good relationship is crucial if we are to provide the highest level of care for your online presence. We identify and implement the best approach by knowing all your challenges, objections, and goals.

We Deliver

We offer custom solutions for various types of clients and thus the delivery periods vary as well. The thing is, we always put you on the loop about what’s happening in a certain campaign.

We Adjust

The online market is continuously changing and flexibility is necessary in order to adapt to change. With our experience and guidance, the hurdles are minimized for a higher chances at success.

We Upgrade

Continuous improvement is the reason why we got this far. Each and every step of the learning process is put to the most effective use. We ensure that everything we do is up to date to the latest trends.

We Enjoy

We always work with a positive attitude and as much as possible, help clients to feel the same way. We love our work and we definitely enjoy what we do. Positive mind set is one of our strong points.

Winning Digital Services

Chances are, most digital marketing options you might employ also outsource their services. Due to low cost options resulting from currency rates, they leverage the power of outsourcing. It is therefore logically MORE AFFORDABLE to transact directly with us. Same level of expertise and experience without the overpricing.

Who We Work With

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